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treasure tea packaging machine
3101 2017-07-25

Eight treasure tea packing machine when and where to produce, so far no written records. There is a saying that in 1908, Sullivan, an importer in New York, USA, sent a sample of tea in small silk bags to buyers as they extended their sales. One buyer accidentally stumbled into a sample and soaked it in a cup. It was compley unexpected - his customers thought the tea was easy to use in a small silk bag and ordered a lot. After delivery, however, the customer was disappointed that the tea was still in bulk, and there was no such convenient silk bag, which caused complaints. Sullivan is a clever businessman, got inspiration from it, soon with a thin gauze instead of Silk Pouch, processed into a new small bags of tea, very popular with consumers. This little invention brought considerable profits to sullivan. The first batch of eight treasure tea packaging machines in the world came into being!
The eight treasure tea packer has been looking for flexibility because of its high flexibility, which means that it can choose more different packaging forms to suit all types of tea. The packaging staff hopes that the packaging function of the eight treasures tea will be adapted to different packaging patterns / shapes as a standard function without the need for additional accessories or custom solutions.
With the improvement of people's living standard, people's demands for quality of life are getting higher and higher. Is the so-called hunger breeds discontentment.  Therefore, the health food is not a mixture of the former can. It should be formulated in proportion to science. In the past, the vibration was reduced to the weighing method and assembled in proportion. If: eight treasures tea, jasmine tea, Cereals, daily nuts. In accordance with the requirements of our clients, we have developed four flower tea packaging machines, eight eight treasure tea packaging machines and grain packaging machines. This machine is suitable for packing granular Babao tea, tea bar, tea, tea, tea together with the combination of tea, tea packaging, Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea, quantitative medicine, seeds, cereals and other small particles. Food grade tea under the material hopper / vibration control of large photoelectric separate storage bin, the host with a touch screen and a stable and reliable high precision microcomputer control; the use of integrated design, simple man-machine interface, convenient operation; the material channel spiral, avoid the traditional direct vibration type structure easy plugging material defect; multiple damping the machine body, small vibration, low noise; packaging of special material the user can according to need to set parameters and memory storage.
Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea packing machine is used at home and abroad with the most advanced technology, dual bag packing is suitable for tea, tea, tea, coffee and other small particles. Labeling and external bags can be photoelectric positioning, packaging capacity, bags, bags, labels, etc. can be adjusted. Can be equipped with other equipment to form a complete assembly line. The use of eight treasure tea packaging machine can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, meet the needs of large-scale production in all industries, and meet the requirements of clean sanitation.
Eight , the machine has automatic measurement, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, bag making, according to customer requirements, configure printing batch number and other functions. The advanced microcomputer controller is used to drive the stepping motor to control the length of the bag. The machine has stable performance, accurate detection and convenient adjustment.  Eight uses inligent temperature controller, PID adjustment, to ensure that the temperature range of error is controlled within 1 degrees celsius.
Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea packaging machine outside the seal by the stepper motor control, bag length stable, accurate positioning; adjust the PID temperature controller, temperature control is more accurate; PLC is used to control the machine movement, man-machine interface, convenient operation; all parts contacting material is 304 stainless steel production, ensure product reliability and health part; the working cylinder adopts imported parts, ensure the accuracy and stability. Eight additional device can complete the mouth cutting, date printing, easy to tear the mouth and other functions.

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