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Tea pack machine go into world
1757 2017-08-11

There are many types of tea packaging machine, from the early simple and simple tea packaging machine to the double bladder tea packaging machine, tea bag packing machine, and so on, to further expand the international market, improve the quality and performance of the domestic tea bag packaging machine, to meet the needs of users, combined with the successful experience of the company, research and development of a full automatic, multifunctional and inligent Double tea bag packaging machine is the need of the company development strategy based on the comprehensive absorption of the domestic and foreign bubble tea packaging machine, and is the only way for the development of the domestic tea bag packaging machine to become one of the high-end tea bag in the world. 

In the purchase of pillow packaging machine, hope that a device can package its own all varieties. It is very often that the special machine is better than the compatible computer packaging. A pillow packaging machine package is best not more than 3 - 5 varieties. Also, the size of the larger differences in the product as far as possible to separate machine packaging. High performance-price ratio is the first principle. At present, the quality of domestic production packaging machine has made great progress, especially the pillow packaging machine, the proportion of exports has been imported a lot, so the price of domestic machine can be purchased to the quality of the imported machine. As far as possible, choose the famous brand packaging machine enterprise, quality is guaranteed. Choose the mature technology, quality and stable model, make the packaging faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low scrap rate. Packaging machine is the is machine, if purchased the low quality machine, in the future daily production of the waste packaging film, decided not a small number, especially now the increase in packaging materials. 

The packaging process of a tea packaging machine is very complex. Since the proportion of single capsule tea packaging machine in the world market is less than 30 %, so the double - capsule tea packaging machine is the mainstream now. here we briefly introduce the packaging process of the double - capsule tea packaging machine, which is convenient for readers to understand. 

Packaging process of double - capsule tea packaging machine:

1. injection of tea from the special large funnel and feeder; 

2. put a certain amount of tea on the filter paper. 

3. make the filter paper bag and cut according to the preset size; 

4. make the filter bag into a Double shape; 

5. label paper and cotton thread on the filter bag of the tea packaging machine; 

6. tie the label paper and cotton thread; 

7. transfer the filter bag to the next packing position ( outer wrapper - outer package tray ). 

At this point, the tea bag packaging has been basically completed. If you need to cover the tea bag with the envelope, the outer packaging carton, you need additional procedures. There are two main types of envelopes: wrinkles and heat sealing. The heat sealing outer envelope is more elegant and beautiful, can prevent the fragrance from the packaging and can prevent the invasion of damp and air, whether from the aesthetic point of view or practical point of view has a great advantage. The process flow is: start the outer cover paper reel → cut the outer cover paper into the appropriate shape size → insert the outer cover into the tea bag → the outer cover of the outer sleeve is closed. 

If you have a field trip, pay attention to big aspects, pay attention to small details, often details of the quality of the tea packaging machine. Try to take the sample machine as far as possible. In the after-sales service, " circle" should have a good reputation. After - sales service is timely and available, especially for food processing enterprises. If the moon cake enterprises only two months a year production period, if the tea packaging machine in the production of the problem can not be solved immediay, the loss can be thought.


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