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2329 2017-08-11

The oxygen content in the packaging of internal and external bag tea packaging machine will lead to the oxidation of some components in tea. If ascorbic acid is easy to oxidize to deoxidizing ascorbic acid. And further with the amino acid junction occurrence pigment reaction, make the tea taste deterioration. therefore The oxygen content in the tea packaging must be effectively controlled below 1 %. In the internal and external bag tea packaging machine packaging technology. Inflatable packaging or vacuum packaging can be used to reduce the presence of oxygen. Vacuum packaging technology is to put the tea into the air tightness soft film bag. The air in the bag is excluded when the package is packaged, and the vacuum degree is caused, and the packing method of sealing is carried out again. Aerated packaging technology is to discharge the air while filling nitrogen and other inert gas, the purpose is to protect the tea color, fragrance, flavor stability, maintain its original quality. 
The packing range of internal and external bag tea packing machine is wide, can be packaged liquid, sauce, powder, granule, solid all kinds of materials, only according to different materials to choose different metering filling device. Packaging bag is widely used in the range of the multi-layer composite film made of prefabricated bags, paper bags can be applied. Quickly replace the packing bag specification, the width of the automatic bag device may adjust the handle easily and quickly. The internal and external bag tea packing machine is in accordance with the hygienic standard of food processing machinery, the parts contacted with the material or the packing bag adopt stainless steel or other materials that meet the requirements of food hygiene, and ensure the health and safety of food. The internal and external bag tea packing machine standard detection device, can detect the machine without the packaging or the packaging bag not open, the filling device is not filled, the heat sealing device is not sealed, so as to avoid waste of packaging materials and raw materials. 

The inner and outer bag tea packing machine arranges the articles bag evenly on the sealing strip and under the pressure bag strip. Close the vacuum chamber, slightly add pressure, the whole packaging process from vacuum, seal, printing, back gas is controlled by the electrical automatic program once. While working in a vacuum chamber, the other vacuum chamber can place articles. Once the vacuum chamber is back to zero, move the upper vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, so that it can work alternay around the two chambers. In the process of work, if found abnormal phenomenon, the inner and outer bag tea packing machine can press the emergency stop button, return to the gas early, and work again. When the work is paused, put the lock switch in the " off" position, stop the use, cut off the power supply and do a good cleaning work. 

The articles of tea packing machine of inner and outer bag have mould proof, anti - moth, anti - pollution, anti - oxidation, saving volume, provincial freight, prolonging storage period and ensuring the quality of goods.

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