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Activated carbon pack machine
2575 2017-08-11

The active carbon packaging machine adopts inligent photoelectric color code system and stepping motor subdivision technology to achieve the high precision of bag - making, fast packaging speed, the equipment can adjust the position of cutter at any time during the operation, and fully ensure the cutting effect is good; In the vibration part, a better vibration counting device is used, the number of disks is duo to vibration, the amplitude can be adjusted according to the material specification and filling accuracy, and the high precision counting is achieved, and the number of six stations is counted. The hot air cut four control technology of the desiccant packaging machine was inherited. The equipment has simple structure, high measuring precision, flexible operation and measuring size. it can change the volume of the measuring cup by adjusting the measuring cup height. the filling speed can adjust the belt speed change device in the chassis. 
Activated carbon packaging machine is a product production and outsourcing of machinery collectively. it is divided into two main aspects:

1. pipeline overall production packaging, used in food, medicine, chemical and other industries ( bags, bottled ) products filling ( filling ), sealing machine, coding.

Mainly include: liquid ( paste ) filling machine, pillow packaging machine, etc.

2. peripheral packaging equipment for the production of products after production, spray ( hit ) production date, seal, shrink film and so on

Activated carbon packaging can effectively absorb all kinds of odor in the air, and the absorption effect of benzene chemical substances is better, simply put, without professional equipment construction, no power consumption, no noise, no failure. However, the physical adsorption method can only temporarily absorb certain pollutants, can not achieve the purpose of elimination, elimination of pollutants, and has little performance in the field of effective sterilization, and when the temperature and wind speed increase to a certain extent, the adsorption of pollutants may be free to enter the breathing space again. In addition, when the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon packaging machine is no longer adsorption capacity, the filter material must be replaced, if not replaced, its adsorbed formaldehyde, bacteria may be released at any time to become a potential threat to home life. From the perspective of pollution control, activated carbon function is single, effective time is short, especially for the whole house coverage purification treatment is extremely limited. Activated carbon packaging machine for only focusing on short time, small range of indoor odor removal units or families, can consider purchasing

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