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tea bag packing machine
2666 2017-08-19

Inside and outside the tea bag packing machine (oolong tea, tieguanyin tea, black tea, the eyebrow, green tea, etc.) Mr. Jin.With fast packaging, measuring precision, small volume, low noise, low energy consumption, simple operation and so on characteristics.Solved the small tea packaging vacuum series of cumbersome manual operation problems, inside and outside the tea bag packaging machine industry leading a number of high-tech technology with remarkable performance.This machine can be the material into the bag first, and then put the bag in inligent manipulator into outer bag, realize the inner and outer bag packing at the same time, the inner bag is three (four) edge-sealing bag type, filter cotton paper or other available can be heat sealing materials;Outer bag is three (four) edge-sealing bag type.With a double degree of freedom vertical rectifying device and horizontal PLC trademark positioning system, continuous trademarks, positioning trademark free switch can automatically finish bag making, measuring, filling, cutting, sealing and counting, finished product output.Inside and outside the tea bag packing machine's biggest advantage: packaging, capacity, inside the bag, bag, etc all can adjust, have hanged line, at the same time hang stickers, and other functions.According to the different needs of the user to adjust the inside and outside the bag size, in order to achieve the ideal packaging effect, improve the grade of the tea packing machine appearance, make the added value of the tea packing machine.


Inside and outside the tea bag packing machine five advantages:


Advantage: abandon the traditional forming at a time


Abandon the traditional vacuum packaging each working procedure trival operation with automatic metering/loaded with outside pockets inside the bag / / pumping air into vacuum state, sealing a one-time!


Advantage 2: microcomputer control


The whole machine adopts PLC program control operation, electronic said display interface, simple and efficient, man-machine separation, once and for all.


Advantage 3: international technology strict production


Introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, strict quality control and sophisticated detection equipment, to ensure the qualified rate and stability of the inside and outside the .


Four advantages: excellent design process


The machine adopts stainless steel, ensure the contact material inside and outside the .


Advantage five: the door is high strength steel visible


Using high capital was toughened glass, high temperature resistant, resistant to crush, material high visibility, can be clean to look at the internal operation!


Other: tea good helper


Help you save high labor costs, increase production, save people save time and save trouble is your good assistant work rare tea!


Inside and outside the tea bag packaging machine industry quickly bring more convenience to people's life, in this era of rapid economic development, the automatic tea packing machine, better packaging for tea, let more people benefit, the development of packaging industry also adds a lot of color to life.Have contributed to the rapid development of industrialization, fully automatic tea packaging machine manufacturer in the competition, to strengthen the construction of its own to strengthen automatic tea packing machine, to fully automatic packing machine for tea wonderful lesson.Automatic tea packaging machine was praised by the people, mainly automatic tea packing machine realized the automation, accord with the requirement of the modern life, adopted the advanced technology of packaging machine will become the focus of attention.Meet the different market demand.The improvement of the performance, advanced technology, fine packing inside and outside the makes automatic tea packaging machine with a powerful strength in the competition.At the same time under the premise of automatic tea packing machine with competitive also has a fully automatic tea packaging machine manufacturers of hard work, hard efforts are inseparable from the automatic tea packaging machine manufacturer in the face of market competition, as well as a variety of alternative equipment emerge in endlessly, stand his ground.Continuously with the development of the tea packing machine, on the basis of former some added many new functions to the tea packing machine, make it more perfect.


Inside and outside the is a new kind of heat sealing type, multi-functional automatic tea beverage packaging equipment.The main characteristic of this machine is a forming inside and outside the bag, avoid direct contact with the manpower and material, improve the efficiency.


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