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Food additive packing machine
2589 2017-09-14

Food additives, packing machine in our country each big industry application is very common, larger contribution to the industry, is very popular with the market. Shanghai qin Canon machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The application of high-tech achievements the additives market size of the packaging machine. Shanghai qin Canon machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Goals are not only the domestic market, also have a lot of confidence to foreign markets, food additives, packaging machine beyond today's own every day, a little bit of progress every day. Additive packaging machine system including preheating and hot forming part. Basement membrane by drawing step close, stay in preheating zone heating in the first place. Preheat components, as shown by the cover body and hot board composition, installed on the frame. Film runtime appressed fever under the surface. Through screw adjustable hot plate and thin film on the surface of the distance, so as to achieve the ideal heating effect. Preheat the hot forming in order to prepare for the next step, and have the effect of improving the efficiency of thermoforming.
Although some food additives, packaging machine parts at the beginning of the work can satisfy various requirements, but after a certain period of time at work, but may be due to a failure, or some reasons. Refers to the time parts work normally the continuation of life, most of the packaging machine parts are in varying stress under the working conditions, thus fatigue damage is the main reason for the failure caused by parts. Affected parts material technology is the main factor of fatigue strength, stress concentration, size parts, parts surface quality and environmental conditions. When designing parts, efforts should be made to take measures from these aspects, in order to improve the ability of resistance to fatigue damage parts.
Thermoforming system of food additives, packing machine, it up and down in two parts, the part is the heating element, is a portion of the molding parts. The body of the heating components by chamber 4 and 5 and adjust the heating plate device, etc. Hot plate within 5 by stud 6 fixed before the throne, close to the heating plate through the basement membrane runtime, make preheating of the film continues to heat up and molding temperature is reached. Turn adjusting wheel 11, through 9 rotating shaft 7 can be driven on both sides of the gear, and along the sides of their machine fixed 8 rolling rack, will lead to the heating parts before and after the move, to comfortable with the thin film step distance running, and with some in a forming die.
Fully automatic packaging machine with food additives roll film forming packaging, so you need to film drawing conveyer. At work, at the end of membrane by the preheat molding to sealing have been clamping pulling role in the whole process of cutting, the power transmission chain from along the vertical machine configuration. Every pitch chain are equipped with a clip, the clip can be automatically bottom film clips and unbelievable. Food additives, packaging machine transmission chain with continuous stepping in the basilar membrane from the machine start to the end. Standard models of chain driven by a double speed three-phase motor, feeding and high-speed, before each step stop automatically switch to low speed running, the function of food additive package accuray stop at the end position of each step. Can be used as a selection step motor drive, realize electronic control stepless speed regulation. This drive way can make the speed of the chain in each feed uniformly accelerated the starting stage, and in the end stage gradually slow down. Driven by this way can avoid when packing round object or liquid due to the rapid start or stop rapidly chain and make the packaging from the tray medium wave or spills.
Food additive package design mechanical parts should be correct when select material, reasonable design of parts structure has good manufacturability, in order to reduce the manufacturing cost. Packaging machinery parts, for some reason can not work normally, called a failure. Under the condition of failure does not occur, parts can work safety limits, referred to as the ability to work. This limit is usually for load, so habits is also called carrying capacity. In order to make the food additives, packaging machine mechanical parts can work reliably under the specified conditions of use without failure, when the design of mechanical parts shall meet the basic requirements are as follows.

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