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Multi disk trailer hardware packaging machine

Model: QD-60T
Multi disk trailer hardware packaging machine
The host part adopts pneumatic sealing bag.
QD-60TMulti disk trailer hardware packaging machineDetails:

The workflow description:

The host part adopts pneumatic sealing bag.

The host cut part adopts pneumatic drive pattern cutter.

The host for the paper bag pulling part adopts motor drive.

Conveying mechanism part adopts motor drive.

Feeding part adopts pneumatic positioning measurement mode.


The system functional requirements:

1,(Multi disk trailer hardware packaging machine) smooth feeding, smooth running, low noise, no damage to raw materials, simple operation and adjustment, and easy to understand. Feeding counting is accurate, no leakage, multi material, material clamping phenomenon, with the precise counting control device, to ensure that each bag is accurate, the qualified rate in more than 98%.

2, (Multi disk trailer hardware packaging machine)equipment system basic action with manual switching function, self diagnosis function, when the failure can automatically shutdown alarm, emergency stop button should be installed in the easy operation, in order to facilitate the operation of the staff.

3, equipment must have firm sealing, good sealing, bag smooth, delicate, high packing efficiency durable, shaking slightly, the failure rate is low, when appear the poor product, automatic stop, automatic alarm, long life and other characteristics.

4, ()the device can realize the automatic sorting, measuring, filling, bag, counting etc.. Screw packing number 1-10, can be adjusted, automatic display packing quantity, convenient to statistics the workload.

5, has the function of high safety protection(all dangerous parts are required to install safety protection device)

6, this machine has no shortage of material feeding, automatic detection, lack of material, no material device will automatically shutdown alarm, each feeder can be opened or closed in equipment, to facilitate the production of need.

7.The device is designed to be compact, beautiful appearance, user-friendly design.

8, the use of advanced PLC control system, fault since stop, alarm, self diagnosis, safe to use, the equipment has the advantages of simple operation, convenient adjustment, high degree of automation.

9, convenient to operation and repair: simple structure, easy to operate and repair, strong versatility.

Main technical parameters:

Packing speed


Measuring range

Screw:1-10, colloidal particle:1-5

Bag length

30-150mm(can be adjust)

Bag width

50-110mm(can be changed by change bag former)

Seal method

Back-side sealing


220V,50HZ,single phase

Machine size

About 1900*1500*1650MM



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